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Saturday, February 27, 2010

He he The homos are furious their secrets are revealed!

Ha ha ha..the homos are scared to death that we have hard evidence of WHAT they do. They are mortally ashamed of the public knowing the totally deviant sexual activities which include the most unnatural, unhealthy and disease prone sexual activities..fisting, anal licking, scat (fecal) games, brown and yellow showers, etc all these are the acts they want to keep secrets. See fisting (R)and the complete deviants dictionary (R) of WHAT they really do. So they now plant stories to bemoan that I am showing "gay porn" to "little children". That now my members in church are wanting to try out being homos! ha ha ha..

Now they panick to run stories of self righteous moaning that we have shown porn in the church!But it must be false cause my church members have never seen it! Eh ButI thought that porn is defined as intended for the purpose of sexual stimulation. This was the complete opposite. Are the liberals now becoming the free speech police! Hypocrites!
Secondly it was for education we consider making legislation we need to know what are the acts to be legislated otherwise we are being ignorant! Kati Now the Observer is the local outlet which seems to have become the local sodomy agents of propaganda! They are so ashamed they dont even give a name on who wrote the story..Porn comes to a church near you! This is as cooked up a story as you can get.
First we held an anti homosexual bill workshop in many places including the one at Christianity Focus Center. In all workshops we have held the presentation, children have been asked to leave.
Secondly it has NEVER BEEN SHOWN IN MY CHURCH OF MCC so many of these are stories made up as they go!
Thirdly the question "IS THIS TRUE" Do homosexuals practice this? In their range of rainbow alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, etc do some or many of them really perform these unnatural acts?
Fourth if they dont, then let them inform our taskforce on legislation WHAT they really do!

Fifth if what they do was really good, then they should really thank me for promoting them.

Apparently education on their diversity fights homophobia. But really they dont care for the straight eye or even the church, mosque and parliaments eye to know what the queers really do.
Worse still we have ex homos like Paul Kagaba who are telling us the real data. Bakakana due to the truth!

They are scattering to keep the secrets by becoming the new anti pornography activists of the time. Ah too late, where were you when I was fighting Red Pepper in court? Where have you been when I have held so many demos agaist porn in Uganda.

Actually for Observer to run that story is only at the request of foreign homos who have probably paid them to run the silly story! Remember their last one on how president Museveni and Hon. Bahati and all the parliament are members of a cult called "the family" which was really behind the anti homo bill! What a lie! Then that makes 95% per cent of all Ugandan members of a cult since steadman in Nov 2008 showed that more than 95% of Ugandans are opposed to homosexuality!

Observer you have fallen from the highs of being a great paper of analysis and factual are now worse than the tabloids of Bukedde and Onion! Tuswadde Nyo!

Okay here is the facebook video you must see.

Martin Ssempa PhD

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