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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Prayer for George Oundo-determined to leave sodomy for salvation

Out of Sodomy one footstep at a time. Today I am remembering George Oundo whose story of transformation reveals not only Georges moving story from childhood molestation but also give insight into how we have got to where we are today.
There are many lessons to learn from this story as told to my assitant Allen M.

I am Oundo George, 26.
I am a fresh creation, a chosen and appointed son of God. I have new loose masculine clothes, very humble and honest new friends. I belong to a more accepting family. Plus, I am a member of a church whose vision I am proud to associate with. I couldn’t have said the same during the past ten years.
Gender identity issues, ounded by Childhood molestation!
Raised in an extended family, I had both brothers and sisters but found myself closer to my sisters and other girls in the neighborhood. I loved babysitting, cooking, cleaning and singing; anything that girls liked too. I also had a number of dolls growing up. But then again, I didn’t like the girls in primary school and as Class Monitor, I canned the girls and spared the boys.
Still in Primary school, I had a good friend called Patrick who I slept with often and cuddled but don’t remember having any feelings for him. I was also caught in the school wash rooms with another boy and this is what raised my parents’ eye brows. However nothing much was done.

Early in my secondary life, I was molested by my dad’s accountant who I shared a bed with; an innocent plan made by my parents as Patrick (the accountant) was a visitor. Wanting me to become a Catholic Priest, my father took me to Jinja College, an all-boys high school. This was my firmest stepping stone. My obsession for cleanliness and neatness continued and I became known for making everyone’s bed in my dormitory. I also encountered other homosexuals and would escape from school with them every Saturday to meet older mentors at Speke Hotel, Kampala.

Mentored at the Night Clubs and a priest!
Homosexuality became my identity. By Senior Four, I had slept with several men, including Father X who later introduced me to Nick, my first white boyfriend. My name changed to Georgina and I had long painted nails, plaited hair, a bleached body and feminine clothes to go with it. My relationship with Nick didn’t last long though I had moved in with him. We cheated on each other and realizing it wasn’t going to work, Nick asked me to leave and he replaced me.

Repeat after me: The brain conditioning.
It was then that I went to Nairobi and enrolled in Human Rights along with Bible and Homosexuality certificate courses. These were to prepare me for the responsibilities I was to carry out. I started SMUG- Sexual Minorities Uganda, an umbrella organization incorporating all LGBTs – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Inter sex persons- in Uganda Other LGBTs included Spectrum Uganda, Freedom and Rome Uganda (FARUG), Ice Breakers Uganda, Integrated Fellowship Uganda led by Bishop Ssenyonjo. SMUG aimed at advocating for gay human rights and letting the public aware that homosexuality if African and a human right.

Building the Story-upwards: Recruit kids into homosexuality.
Here is OUNDO'S Video interview on NTV News

In 2005, we realized the need for a gay youth organization which we worked on forming with Sam. This was meant to further educate the youth about gay rights, gay dating and safe sex- using condoms and lubricants. Under Queer Youth Uganda, we scheduled a school outreach programme where all members had to go back to their former High Schools and spread the knowledge on gay rights, encouraging more young boys to join us. I knew that our programme would not be welcome in these schools so we used underground means. But positive results were noted. We also formed solidarity groups meant to get to the entire nation. Strategies were laid to make this happen.

By this time, the gay community in Uganda had become more out spoken and radical. The likes of Ps. Martin Ssempa and Hon. Nsaba Buturo left us no option. We knew that if we were to beat them, we had to get to their level and then surpass them. I was chosen to represent Uganda at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, 2007. This was a big step for me. But amidst all these activities, I wasn’t in touch with my family. I felt it had neglected me because of my sexuality.
2007 was a very busy year. I had a number of encounters with Ps. Martin Ssempa, our biggest rival. It hurt deeply to hear him say convicting remarks to us. Like most Africans he despised homosexuality and what we did so we held many meetings to devise means of his downfall. We approached different embassies and the government asking for help to shut down all Anti-Gay organizations because of their discriminatory tendencies. We crafted a plan to attack Ps. Martin as an individual against human rights and a Pastor whose message is of hatred, discrimination and bitterness. Of course we read the Bible so much and scrutinized it to know how to retaliate anytime he hit on us.

The fake it court case which was built on Solid Lies!

We also had a court case (LGBT Vs Government) and we accused the Kamuli C LC1 Chairman- Kireka, John Lubega of discrimination and misuse of office because he had arrested some gay members. I went ahead to get false witnesses to testify against him. Ps. Ssempa was here too and we saw it as a chance to show him how authoritative we were.

That same year, we sought for participation during CHOGM and got the support of the British Council and the Common Wealth NGO Forum. We were then invited for a talk on homosexuality by the Amakula Film Festival after it screened a Nigerian movie on homosexuality. I thought I moved the audience with my sensational talk about gender identity and sexual orientation.
Meanwhile, Ps. Martin was holding a rally against homosexuality at Kololo Airstrip. We sent our spies to disguise themselves as journalists and cover the event.

We spent a sleepless nights preparing a presentation to Prince Charles who was coming for the People’s Space at Hotel Africana the following day. We addressed the issue of same sex marriages being discriminated in Uganda and were appealing to Her Majesty the Queen to take the Penal Code, Sections 140- 148 (that were penalizing homosexuality) back to England. We agitated for the same rights as the gays in Britain have and for the event, we made placards that had comments like “Am gay, Mr. Straight Please Forgive Me”, “You Think Am Gay, So What?”and “SMUG Embraces CHOGM” However, our plans were frustrated by Ps. Ssempa’s presence again! We were not given chance to air out our views.


At the beginning of this year, I got a strong feeling of sorrow, loneliness and discomfort about my life. I knew that despite all the money that the gay society offered me, all the knowledge on gay rights and the fulfilling work that I did, something was lacking. I also began to have a series of nightmares. In one dream I was dead and was surrounded by mourners. In another, there was a strong force pulling up and down and I woke up so tired and weakened, like I has been at war. These went on for a while and I was compelled to share my desire to go to church with a gay friend. He comforted me but was also disappointed at my desire to go to church.

So stressed, I came to the White House with hopes of meeting Ps. Martin but I bounced and wasn’t able to get his mobile contact. So I went to Hon. Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity and explained to him what I was going through. He is the one who called Ps. Martin and connected me to him. I must admit I felt very humbled and embarrassed to face the man I had confronted bitterly so many times, to apologize and ask for help. But I barely had to. Talking to him calmly for the first time, he embraced me, gave me shelter as I had nowhere else to go, clothing, food and a welcome that I hadn’t anticipated. Ps. Martin has a yearning to place everyone in his care exactly where God wants them to be. And that, he has done for me. I haven’t met a gentleman so loving. Even in the past, whenever he met us, he would want a handshake and would invite us to his church. I never saw it coming.
I have been gladly welcomed by Makerere Community Church; I already have mentors taking me through deliverance and believe that my future shines brighter now. I am learning how to pray and read the Bible, viewing it in the right perspective.


However, I can’t help but feel like I’ve given away too much of life to doing wrong and I’ve lost so much. My family, a good education, respect from society and its going to be a challenge to start over. I had even thrown away my dream to babysit my own babies as I loved babies growing up. I now long to be a family man, a preacher of the gospel and a living example to all homosexuals still tied up in bondage.


A couple of nights ago, I dream't that I was standing before a huge crowd with Ps. Martin by my side, and I was telling a story. The crowd was so silent, listening to me. I believe I was testifying. And when the time is right, I am going to tell everyone of God’s delivering hand that picked me from a hole so deep.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview with Dr. Michael Brown 101

Just had an American and African dialogue with Dr. Michael Browns on his show...was a great time of discussing clearly what are the key issues concerning the debate I am posting here the summary of the interview highlighting the key issues. The show is available here.

1. Who are you?
Shared about my 24 years of expertise on fronline of Uganda's HIV/AIDS success. My education was also shared. Bachelors in Sociology, Masters of science in counseling, and a PhD in public health and service for my globally successful work on HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

2. What is the difference between American and Africa-
I shared
our 5000 years of history as a civilization with Kingdoms and strong cultures handed down from father to son through families, clans, tribes and kingdoms. The youngest kingdom in Uganda is older than the American Republic. But we are opposed to homosexuality because
a. Because it breaks the LAW of our CULTURES and the teaching of our ancestors. It is a taboo.
b. It breaks the Law of our FAITH teaching..whether Christian or Moslem's.
c. It breaks it breaks the Law of NATURE where male goes with female.
d. It breaks the LAW of Uganda..penal code and constitution.

This is global clash of is clash where the west is saying this is a human right, and African says it is A HUMAN VICE.

3. Why does Uganda need bill now.

a. International groups which are coersing homosexuality down our throats ie France and Netherlands at the UN.
b. Lack of protection for the boy child from homosexual rape.
c. Lack of protection for the girls and women in the current law. Only focus on male homosexuality.
d. Lack of legislation against promotion and conspiracies to promote homosexuality.

Note: We have learnt that now the Penal Code was amended to cater for the gender imbalance in b above.

4. What about the death penalty and aggravated defilement?

We do understand this to be about statutory rape of minors and the handicapped.
We have written as Uganda Joint Christian council to make sure that the death penalty is removed and sentences made less harsh.
Asked for inclusion of rehabilitation.
Recommend that aggravated defilement focuses on the defilement of minors or statury rape.
Give confidentiality to care providers.
The bill is really in draft stage and comments are being taken from all.

5. What don't you have a copy of the bill on your website?
First I am not the parliament..You can get a copy thru the parliament of Uganda.
Uganda's Internet has been very very hard and slow. I have just started having access to the

internet over the last couple of weeks due to new fiber-optic service connected to Uganda.
The bill with the parliament where you can get a copy through their website.
Not having much access in the past to internet..but I will upload a pdf version and our Uganda Joint Christian Council recommendations over the next couple of days.

6. Do you hate homosexuals? What would you do if they came to your church?

The deliberate spin of some pro-homosexual media is to try and make one hateful and monstrous.
On the countrary I think my church is the safest place for homosexuals to go and many come and are changed. In my worship team, my ushers and leaders I have former lesbians and homosexuals.

I have Paul Kagaba the former spokesperson for homosexuals in Uganda who is in my church. We are caring for Sandra a former lesbian who was thrown out by lesbians cause she got pregnant and they threw her out. We are also caring for another girl who got pregnant out of wedlock and no one would care for her and her baby.
You see I believe the church is like a school where we teach, a hospital where we treat the wounded, a temple were we worship and celebrate God, and finally it is also the fortress for soldiers of the Lord.

7. What about the four Americans who came to Uganda. Are they responsible for the bill?

Really that is an exaggeration intended to attack and make American Christians look bad. They came to teach on the gay agenda, counselling homosexual etc. I actually never even went to the conference. Bahati never attended his meetings at all.

No this is an African, home grown effort for Ugandans by Ugandans. This is democracy where leaders make laws for the people based on the will of the Ugandan people.

Finally this clash is a global clash of culture and ideology. Uganda is battle ground for the global clash on HIV/AIDS policies as well as the issue of homosexuality. The west including Obama\Hilarly Clinton\George Soros say it is a human right. But Africans say, it is a HUMAN VICE. This is not only in Uganda, it is in Kenya, in Malawi, in Senegal, in Nigeria etc. Dont blame the Rick Warren or Scott Lively. That is just divisive.

8. What words do you have for the American Church?

The major networks don't really tell the truth on the issue of homosexuality. They and the homosexual bloggers will seek to label the bill and Ugandans as extremists so as to scare off support and debate.

The hysterical response at the least more than hypocritical.
In all of Uganda's history we dont have a homosexual who has ever been arrested and killed because of homosexuality. On the other hand every day more than 3000 babies are murdered with American peoples money in the abortion clinics which are in their backyardsBold. The babies are punished not for what they have done, but JUST FOR WHO THEY ARE.

I do ask that God will use Uganda and what was called the dark continent to bring a re-awakening to the true teaching of the Bible on the issue of life and sexual purity. We can preach the message of God save the sinners without legitimating the life of sin and sexual anarchy.

8. Now that you are famous or infamous from Nightline show and this anti-homosexuality bill give a 30 second closing message to the Pastors.

The truth is more of my time is spent in church planting, preventing HIV/AIDS and helping the poor. However Nightline is not really interested in that side of the story.

I will however say that, "if the price for contending for the truth of the word of God is being wrongly misrepresented on Nightline, then I will gladly carry that cross. I would rather stand for God, my African culture and my family and be despised on Nightline, than win the favor of Larry King of CNN. Jesus warned us about not loving the world at the expense of His truth".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anti-Homosexual Bill In Uganda Causes Global Uproar ABC NEWS

Anti-Homosexual Bill In Uganda Causes Global Uproar

The Proposed Bill Could Punish Homosexuals Who Marry With Life In Prison


March 10, 2010—

Standing onstage in black velvet robes, despite the stifling heat in the open-air church, Pastor Martin Ssempa's face is a mask of disgust.

"Anal licking!," he shouts, directing the crowd's attention to the images of hardcore gay pornography that he's projecting via his laptop. "That is what they are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms."

"Everything having to do with eating of poop&heterosexuals do not eat poop," Ssempa said. "And if they do, they are misguided, they are not real heterosexuals. We don't practice, that's an abomination. It's like sex with a dog, sex with a cow; it's evil."


Homophobia In Uganda

Ssempa's animated style has made him one of the most popular preachers in the African nation of Uganda. But it's his virulent homophobia that's put him at the center of an international uproar. The pornographic images, which reduced some of the churchgoers to tears, were meant to whip up support for a bill under consideration in Uganda that would make some gays and lesbians eligible for the death penalty.


The bill was introduced several months after a visit by several American evangelicals, who spoke at a conference called the "Seminar on Exposing the Homosexual Agenda."

One of them was Scott Lively, a pastor from Temecula, Calif., who believes that countries like Uganda can still protect themselves from what he sees as the scourge of the gay agenda.

For More on This Story, Tune in to ABC's "World News with Diane Sawyer'" at 6:30 p.m. ET and ABC's "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET Tonight

"These are good Christians; better Christians than there are here in the states," says Lively. "They care about each other. And I think the reason they're pushing so hard on this law is that they don't want to see what happened to our country happen over there."

He told the conference's audience, made up of teachers, social workers, and politicians that "even though the majority of homosexuals are not oriented towards young people, there's a significant number who are. And when they see a child from a broken home, it's like they have a flashing neon sign over their head."

Lively, who is the president of Defend the Family, is also the author of a book called "The Pink Swastika", which argues that the Nazi Party was a homosexual movement.

Uganda to Consider Passage of The Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009

"If you deny and reject the design of your own body," he told the conference, "and you engage in conduct that is self-evidentiary wrong and harmful to you, then you're going to receive in your body the penalty which is appropriate. Can anyone say AIDS?"

Also at the seminar were two American men who claim gays and lesbians can be healed, including Caleb Brundidge, a minister who says he lived as a gay man for ten years.

"I say that no one is born gay and anyone who wants to change can," said Brundidge, who works for the International Healing Foundation in Bowie, Md. "No one that has same sex attraction, they didn't choose to have that. I'm living proof. Change is possible. I changed from that lifestyle to the one I'm in now. That's not a gay lifestyle, it's a straight lifestyle."

Brundidge was joined by Don Schmierer, who serves on the board of Exodus International, another group that works with people who want to reverse their homosexual attractions. Schmierer declined to be interviewed by ABC News.

While there, the three American Christians also met with members of the Ugandan parliament.


Months later, a bill was introduced called The Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009.

The bill creates a new category of crime called "Aggravated Homosexuality," which calls for death by hanging for gays or lesbians who have sex with anyone under 18 and for so-called "serial offenders."


The bill also calls for seven years in prison for "attempt to commit homosexuality," five years for landlords who knowingly house gays, three years for anyone, including parents, who fail to hand gay children over to the police within 24 hours and the extradition of gay Ugandans living abroad.

The bill's sponsor, David Bahati, now insists the death penalty only applies to homosexual pedophiles.

"The whole thing has been distorted, " he said. "And we know that some copies of the bill have been circulated on the Internet, which are incorrect."

Bahati defends the bill's stringency. "Well it can sound tough to some people but it's acceptable to our community here. Remember that here in Uganda, 95 percent of our population does not support homosexuality."

"But also we know that we live in a global family where in America they accept homosexuality as a human right. In Uganda we don't. In America, it is illegal to be a polygamist. Here in Uganda, it is cherished in some cultures. So that is the nature of the global family," he said.

"So things that are acceptable in some societies are not acceptable in others. But we have mutual respect. But this bill was proposed by Ugandans for Ugandans. We think it is good for us, we think it is good for Uganda."


Gay Ugandans Speak Out

Val Kalende, a lesbian, said it's dangerous just to walk down the street. "Just the other day a colleague of mine was detained and questioned by police," she said. "Every time you come back home safe, you thank God you are safe. But then you don't know what's going to happen the next day."

Kalende said that while Uganda has always been a homophobic country, things got worse after the conference the American evangelicals spoke at.

"So those guys should be held accountable for what is happening to us," she said. "And I hope that the people in America can hold these guys accountable for what is going to happen to us if this bill ever passes."


Gay-rights groups and governments all over the world are up in arms over the proposed bill. President Obama has called it "odious", and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a call to the Ugandan president urging him to table it.

The American evangelicals who spoke at that event in Uganda back in March are now rushing to distance themselves from the bill.

"I do not agree with that bill at all," said Brundidge. "That's not why I went there at all."

Lively also claims he had no idea the bill was coming, and denies any responsibility for it, despite the fact that he compared his visit to Uganda to a nuclear bomb exploding.

"I'm proud of that, and I hope that the nuclear bomb spreads across the whole world, against the gay movement " he said. "Against this attempt to overthrow the family-based society and replace it with sexual anarchy. That's harmful to everyone. That doesn't mean I hate homosexuals. That doesn't mean I want everyone to be thrown in jail."

And he repudiated the notion that he empowered the Ugandan parliament to introduce the legislation. "Do you think that these people did not already have an opinion, a strong opinion, on homosexuality?" he asked. "It's a very racist perspective. It's the colonial mind-set all over again."

That's an argument echoed by the main proponents of the bill in Uganda.

"It's offensive to me," said Ssempa. "It's offensive to me that every time a black man does something good, you have to say that a white man told us to do it. That's really offensive to me. We feel that even those Americans who came here, they are wimps. And they have been blamed for this law. They've all screamed no, we have nothing to do with it. Why don't we accept that Africans can make an anti-homosexuality law? Why do you have to blame somebody else?"

The Blame Game

Among those caught in the blame game: American evangelical megastar Rick Warren, who was once a friend of Ssempa's, and who invited him to California to speak at his Saddleback Church.

Warren has since ended his relationship with Ssempa, and has also repudiated the bill, delivering this message to Ugandan pastors on YouTube.

"It is my role to correct lies, errors, and false reports when others associate my name with a law that I had nothing to do with, completely oppose and vigorously condemn," he said.

"I think that Rick Warren is misguided," said Ssempa. "I think he is typical of some American Christians who are petrified of homosexuals in America."

But the outrage in the West may mean the bill gets watered down or even killed. The Ugandan parliament will hold hearings on it later this month.

As for Lively, he says if they drop the death penalty, he'll actually endorse it. Whether the bill passes or not, the culture wars both at home and abroad promise to continue raging on.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

America learns about Africa-ABC's Nightline presents or misrepresents the struggle!

The struggle against the colonial imposition of sodomy of in Africa by western powers will be shown tommorrow on ABC's Nightline programme. I just got this word from ABC producers.

" Pastor Ssempa -- I just wanted to let you know our story for ABC News is set to air tomorrow on Nightline. I will be sure to send you both a link so you can watch it online, and also a DVD copy. Unfortunately, ABC News policy will not allow me to send you any of our raw footage, but you may of course use the story as a whole, and there is a lot of footage from the rally in Jinja there. Again, thank you for your graciousness during our visit to Uganda. All the best to you and your family."

Well that is a bummer. They promised to give me a copy of the footage and they were yes yes a
ll the time. Now..they are claiming our policy! Were they baiting me or lying to me? Secondly wonder however what is the remote possibility that this struggle will be factually and objectively covered. I must admit that I really did not like Dan Harris..we just did not connect or rather he just did not like Africa/Uganda's culture which unlike New York does not recognize sodomy as a human right. Yes he was in the midst of a population to whom sodomy is a human vice and great sin before God. No wonder after inteviewing me, we gave him a couple of keepsake buttons which said "Uganda Stands against Sodomy" he wrote posted it on his twitter saying "Souvenir from the most homophobic place I've ever been." Ah that is a bit discouraging because he apparently finds our pro family position objectionable calling it "homophobic". Apparently if Dan would have his way, he would take all of Africans to a "school of diversity" based in New York where we would all be told to repeat after him...sodomy is good, Africas Christian religion and culture are bad! I will keep my fingers crossed because journalists are supposed to be objective and factual even if their "beliefs" conflict with the story they are covering.

Dont show or tell us about ex homosexuals-
At the meetings there was two ex homosexuals. Paul Kagaba ex spokesperson for homosexuals in Uganda and Sandra who all great stories of transformation. Dan did not seem to care about their stories how rich western guys like George Soros were pouring thousands of dollars into pro sodomy campaigns. The matereal facts of the lives changes through the power of Jesus Christ did not seem to interest him. That bothered me.

They promised to be factual!
February 4, 2010 4:12:26 PM PST

When I first heard from ABC this is the letter they sent me:

Hello Pastor Ssempa –

I’m a producer for the American television news broadcast ABC News Nightline. I understand you’ve spoken with Ben about being a part of a story we’re doing
about homosexuality in Uganda. We really appreciate your cooperation, and I think you’ll find that the format of our show gives you an excellent platform for presenting yourself and your church to an American audience. Our award-winning broadcast airs every night at 11:35pm eastern standard time, for an audience of about four million people. Our stories are in the six to ten minute range, which gives us much more time to explore topics in-depth than most news shows can.

What we’d like to do, ideally, is spend part of Sunday with you and your congregation, filming. Then we would join you again on Wednesday, the day of the rally, as you prepare for that event and then attend it.
Our hope is that spending so much time together will really give us a chance to build a profile of you for our show, and we’ll be able to discuss a lot of the issues that have bubbled up around this pending legislation.

Please do let me know if you have any questions for me. I’ll be traveling to Uganda along with my colleagues Almin, who is also a producer, and Dan Harris, who is the on-camera correspondent for the story. We’re all looking forward to our trip to Uganda, and meeting you and the members of your church. All best, Katie, Producer
ABC News Nightline

Drag Rick Warren in somehow!

It is now an old story, but template reporting demands that there must be a good guy and a bad guy. Usually you want to link the African to some "rich American" evangelical right winger who is funding or paying them to do the legislation. While we as Africans are very dissappointed in Pr. Rick Warren who like Peter in time of pressure betrayed Jesus, Rick Warren has also betrayed our friendship and the biblical teaching on homosexuality. The urban legend on Ugandas bill is to claim that it was designed in America by the likes of Rick Warren and some speakers who visited Uganda for five days for an ex homosexuality conference. The truth is that this IS NOT in any way funded or developed by Rick Warren , Scott Lively et al. It is a homogrown effort by Ugandans for Ugandans. On the 1st of March I got this letter asking if I had a video of Rick Warren..meaning that Rick will be featured somehow.

Hello Dr. Ssempa – I hope you are well. We are back in the States, working on the story, which hopefully will be airing in the next few weeks. I will make sure I let you know the date once we have settled on one. In the meantime, I am wondering if you have any photos of yourself from your visits to Saddleback Church, or with Mr. Warren or his wife. If you have a few that you could email to me, that would be very helpful. I hope you and your family are well. Thank you for being so kind to us during our visit to your beautiful country. I look forward to returning someday. All the best, Katie

Sorry No photos of Rick Warren BUT WE ARE PRAYING FOR PR. RICK WARREN.

I said sorry no video or photos. However Pr. Rick is best remembered less a purpose driven pastor, but more as a pressure driven pastor! He supported proposition 8, Californias effort to define marriage as man and woman at the polls, then turned and claimed he did not support it when he was on Larry King Live. A great video on this has been made, "will the real Rick Warren please stand up at the good people at good fight ministries. After watching this video, I would rather remain true to what God says in Bible and earn the scorn of the homosexuals and the perveted mind of the world. "I am not trying to please man, but I am trying to please God".

I ask that you all join me in prayer that somehow those who are lost in the city of modern day sodom and gomorrah will somehow find the truth of God and turn away from their wickedness. Maybe having used ABC as the method of fighting HIV/AIDS God, can use the witness of Africa to remind fallen Western world including Barack Obama the ABC of sex and the family. Indeed marriage of man and woman is the CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS AND AMERICA WANTS. This is the audacity of my hope through Jesus Christ.

See this Video.
This issue is much bigger than Uganda and Rick Warren.
What is happening is that a global culture clash is taking place as western forces of human rights, and their local agents are trying to impose homosexuality on Africa. Africans are bothered by the effort of Pre. Barack Obamas adminstration of putting "sodomy" on top of his foreign policy agenda. This is now taking place in Kenya, Malawi and other nations. Will ABC tell the real ABC of the global clash?

Jim Burrows turtle told to listen before it speaks Uganda and sodomy

Here is a post I just sent to Mr. Jim of the boxturtle which seems to have rewritten history diproportionately crediting a few Americans including Scott Lively et al as the Christopher Columbus who discovered the naive Africans and taught us that Sodomy is wrong and that we should make a law about it all in a period of five days! Jim has inflamed the American homosexual audience with exaggerations claiming that the bill and all who support it are in for a genocide. After making an error of posting a LIE that I was going to speak in NC and then recognizing that it was wrong he posted an apology here. I wrote to him a letter thanking him for the apology but also pointed out a string of other mistakes where he has spoken without listening or even asking. Now he writes to repeat the same lies at this post and here is my post.


Jesus said..they have eyes but they dont see..they have ears but they dont hear..

Jim..I am sorry your partner has HIV/AIDS and you are afraid that if you lived in Uganda he would be arrested if he infected you with HIV/AIDS. My brother and Sister died from HIV/AIDS and we did take care of them till they passed. I am now treating a brother who has HIV who thankfully is still ok. SO I am no stranger to pain and closeness with HIV/AIDS in the last 24 years.

However on the issue of the capital punishment (death penalty in the Ugandas anti homosexuaity bill..I would like to state from my reading that there are
a. Offenders and
b. Victims.
Please re-read it again as below.

3. Aggravated homosexuality.
(1) A person commits the offense of aggravated homosexuality where the

(a) person against whom the offence is committed is below the age of 18 years;

(b) offender is a person living with HIV;

(c) offender is a parent or guardian of the person against whom the offence is committed;

(d) offender is a person in authority over the person against whom the offence is committed;

(e) victim of the offence is a person with disability;

(f) offender is a serial offender, or

(g) offender applies, administers or causes to be used by any man or woman any drug, matter or thing with intent to stupefy overpower him or her so as to there by enable any person to have unlawful carnal connection with any person of the same sex,

(2) A person who commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality shall be liable on conviction to suffer death.

(3) Where a person is charged with the offence under this section, that person shall undergo a medical examination to ascertain his or her HIV status.

You actually have the right draft and when I do see it I focus on the section a)Victim is below 18 and
b) A handicapped person

Indeed the offenders may vary and their status may vary but the focus should be focused on the victim. DO YOU SEE ANY OTHER VICTIMS OR PERSONS AGAINST WHOM THE CRIME IS COMMITTED.


I would like to ask what punishment in your view is acceptable for rape of a minor and the handicapped?

We have written to the committee as Uganda Joint Christian Council to make sure that this is clearly an issue of statutory rape and that the death penalty is removed. If you want that document I can send that to you.

Finally you associate aggravated homosexuality and related crimes and put them under one. I agree that equating punishment is harsh and did indeed recommend that it be substantially reduced.

Nevertheless you should not be decieved that this is the work of three Americans who came and told Africans to detest homosexuality. No this is a tradition for more than 5000 years. You would have to travell back to the acient civilizations of Timbuktu, Ghana, Ethiopea to understand where are coming from.

Of course you would like to make us look extremists so you can stirr up the fear of your readers. You continue to INSIST that we want to round up homosexuals in Uganda ..but that is just not true. We are happy with the current punishment of 12 years as a deterent for all those who practice sodomy becuase it is an unnatural act.

I know of no known case where a homosexual has been arrested and hanged for sodomy in Uganda. Yet every day in America using tax payers money more than 3,000 babies are killed (see photos) not for WHAT THEY have done, but for WHO THEY ARE!

Abortion Kills More Black Americans Than the Seven Leading Causes of Death Combined, Says CDC Data

I wonder why your box has no room for the rights of these little ones for whom there is no one who will dare stand up for them.

May God open your eyes to see his truth. May He give you conviction to turn and be saved. That is the CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, THE CHANGE WE NEED.

Martin Ssempa PHD

Human Sacrifice for riches in Uganda comes to American television.

I am grateful for ABC television finally coming to Uganda and filming the grotesque and pagan practice of human sacrifice of children in the bid to gain wealth from the devil. This demonic practice has been promoted in Uganda over the last two years but it has taken much root in 2009. ABC story and news clip is seen here.

What is human sacrifice? It is when a human being is offered to the demonic powers as a compesation for the promise of supernatural intervention. This includes financial gain, favour in employment, influence of court decisions and the ground breaking for large construction or industrial complexes. For many years the sophisticated elites dismissed them as superstitions which dont exisit or urban/rural legends. The truth is that they have grown and continue to destry the lives of many children.

Yet I fear that while there is willingness to expose the great evil, there is a great reluctance for the powers that be to really take action on this monster. The case of
Godfrey Kato Kajubi a rich tycoon who hired a couple to execute his orders of sacrificing three children with a payment of 12 million $4000 highlights the trouble of fighting for the rights of the victims. Ugandan Tycoon named in ritual murder.

Kajubi is rich and the victims are not!

The rich and influential people are the ones who are guilty of these atrocities. The police and law enforcement across the region is corrupt and will not touch them. In fact reports have indicated that the people behind these gross crimes against children are in the corridors of power..the army, police, business, and government! It is difficult therefore for the police to investigate and prosecute people who have financial clout and are close to the seat of power. The case of Kajubi which is up for hearing again this Thursday shows the ups and downs of access to justice. The police seems to have bungled the case and it is now most likely that what was clearly a classic case for the state to prove its zero tolerance for human sacrifice is not going the right way! God help all Uganda's children.

Things are not getting better:

We are told that with US aid, there are more than 2000 offices who have been trained in dealing with human sacrifice, but things just seem to get worse. Read below: "The state minister for internal affairs, Matia Kasaija, regretted that there was a 600% increase in ritual murder, from the three reported in 2007, up to 18 cases last year."

We need FAITH and Gods power!
This is an issue of demonic worship and must be attacked at the root with faith. Police will also need officers with faith who cannot be afraid of dealing with high levell sorcerers. The Europeans think of them as issues of Harry Porter and others. But these are real life issue which the Africans experiences on a daily basis.

We need to stop the promotion of these witchdoctors on the radios.
Every day on the radio stations witchdoctors advertise themselves and their ultimate advise is really a high form of human sacrifice. I have written to broadcasting council asking them to stop them and a feeble newspaper advertisement has been made. But they still continue on BeatFM, on Super FM and many others. They hide under the guise of herbalists, and traditional healers. I want to ask how do we differentiate between good witchdoctors and bad ones? Are they from South Africa as IGG Kayihura tells us, or could even our own Maama Fina provide the information for us!

This case of Kajubi keeps me awake at night. I pray God will move in our land to stop the madness.