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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Media appearence-ABC nightline and Dr. Michael Brown's Line of Fire

Media appearence alert. This week I will have a long distance interview with Dr. Brown as below. A pre recorded 10 minute documentary on Ugandas freedom train will most likely feature on ABC's Nightline show. Details below and more on ABC later.

"Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa will be appearing on Dr. Michael Brown’s live radio program, The Line of Fire, on Thursday, March 11th, from 3:00-4:00 PM, EST, discussing the Ugandan ‘anti-homosexuality’ bill. Dr. Brown will be taking calls during the program at 866-348-7884. Listeners will be able to listen live online by clicking HERE. The program will be available to download shortly after it airs.

Dr. Michael Brown is the director of the Coalition of Conscience and president of the FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, North Carolina. He holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and is the author of 20 books. He has spoken throughout America and in more than 25 nations, he is the host of the Line of Fire radio program and the Think It Thru TV show, and he has served as visiting professor at a number of leading seminaries.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Million men demo comes to Mbarara

The freedom bus comes to Mbarara tonight.

Mbarara is abuzz tonight with the plans for the largest anti-sodomy demo to rock the region. There has been extensive inter religious planning for the demonstration which is intended to give the people a chance to share their democratic right to show how they feel about Sodomy! So those who are willing to travell please come and join us.

We will be marching from the Independence area to Mailo 2 covering area of about 5 kilometers in the march. There will be statements by various inter religious leaders from the Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal and Moslem faiths. Already film crews from the French, Netherlands, BBC and Reuters are gearing up for the next stop for the freedom from Sodomy March. Hon David Bahati and other members of parliament, local government, the mayor, education and city council leaders will be marching.

Democracy means that politicians must make and vote in the will of the people. Africans may have many differences but we are united on some basics which like gravity hold us together. We obey the traditions of our God and our fathers who have handed to us a history of more than 5000 years teaching us that sex and marriage is only between a man and a woman. Even if Obama says sodomy is a human right, Africans say No it is a human Vice. Mbarara shows its feelings this Saturday. Come join us all who can.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now Ugandas Parliamentarians vow to pass anti-sodomy bill

"This article was written by Hon Member of parliament for Jinja Hon Fredrick Mbaga Mkayi Fredrick Mbagadhi Nkayi . It was published in the local daily the Observer. It is heartening to hear how the more pressure put on the parliament, the greater the resolve to pass legislation. Here goes:
"Listening to the widely revered Bishop of York, Dr. John Ssentamu on BBC radio[commenting on] David Bahati’s anti-homosexuality bill only reinforced my belief that the Day of Judgment has closed in.

Joined by some of our own clergy, leading opposition fanatics have jumped into the fray to oppose the anti-gay bill, allegedly aimed at them. My analysis ofthe touts of homosexuality world over points to the fact that they have always cloaked their arguments in the guise of sexual orientation theory, and homosexuality immutability paradigms.

More than often, gay activists have argued that homosexuality is innate, just like eating, breathing, etc., and that therefore homosexuals desire equal treatment as a minority group.

Homosexuality is a set of sexual actions.

None the less, even if we are to disregard God’s good intentions in creating the institution of marriage, most of the literature points to the fact that homosexuality is a behaviour, a habit learnt just like bestiality, pedophilia,smoking, or theft.

Moreover, this is reinforced by the absence on earth of any conclusive empirical study that points to homosexual immutability.

Granted, rights of minority groups have to be protected. However, it’s also imperative to note that these rights are not absolute and therefore their observance has to be within the tenets of the law of the land and societal ethos.

In addition, Uganda is among the few countries where society has an inherent right to regulate sexual conduct (regardless of sexual orientation) which threatens public health. On this account, our penal code regards homosexuality a criminal act.

Moreover, Hon. Bahati’s anti-homosexuality bill is just a reinforcement of the same and is about filling up any gaps within the existing law, given the level of sexual perversion.

The bill is about protecting the endangered natural African race and family, now at the mercy of the wealthy West, selfishly sounding drums of cutting off aid if Uganda cannot practise sodomy. Pegging aid to acts of homosexuality is in itself a societal evil.

Remember when we did talk about a presentation on this?

Uganda, the pearl of Africa and a blessed country, was exemplary in passing the anti-Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) bill into law.

Regardless of the arguments that the proponents of FGM fronted in the guise of human rights, enough was enough. The daughters of Uganda can now walk with their heads high, liberated from such de-humanising and traumatising ordeal.

Fellow Ugandans, no one owes us a living; We must guard the dignity of the natural family for the future of our children and grand children.

How will history judge us if we fail to appreciate the holiness of the human body, a divine creation of man in the image of the omnipotent Lord!

Every part of the body was carefully designed for a specific purpose; the eye, the limbs, head, ears, mouth, nose, plus the anus, specifically for faecal disposal.

Throughout history, Jewish and Christian scholars singled out the sin surrounding God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as homosexual behaviour (New Testament, Rom. 1:26, 1 Cor. 6:9 and the holy Quran al- jawaab al-kaafi (P.106)).

If the price to pay for our own action is for donors to close their taps plus death threats, so let it be. No level of intimidation what so ever should deter us from condemning and fighting such evil behaviour.

Salutation to those Ugandans – Bishop Henry Luke Orombi, MP Bahati, and Dr.
James Nsaba Buturo for being among the innumerable that have stood up for what
Ugandans deserve. I have no apologies for Uganda being anti-gay.

"For the American and European homosexualists a little democracy Uganda if you are pro sodomy, you DONT GET ELECTED. If you are ANTI-SODOMY you get elected! If you have a problem with that, you can always go to another country!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Lancet: HIV rates among homosexuals are 10 times higher than among the general male population.

The Lancet: HIV rates among homosexuals are 10 times higher than among the general male population. (This is the genocide)

Anyone who cares about stopping HIV/AIDS in Africa-especially Uganda, must stop and examine the statistical finding of these absolutely suicidal rates of HIV/AIDS in male homosexuals across Africa. Oxford University researchers indicate that for every one normal African man who has HIV/AIDS, there are ten homosexuals with HIV/AIDS all things being equal!

It really means that we need a state of emergency response to avert this self inflicted genocide by coitus. Will someone have the scientific courage to announce the obvious? Homosexual activity puts you at a 100 per cent greater risk of getting HIV/AIDS!

What is it that makes sodomy such an effective means of disease transfer? Are the answers rooted in the inherent weakness of the anal lining to offer effective detterent of disease transfer? In her acticle "anyone can get it" Janice Shaw wrote;

‘Just as 80 percent of lung cancers are related to using tobacco, the vast majority of HIV/AIDS victims are homosexual men. It is their behavior –– anal intercourse ..that puts them at risk. To be blunt, the rectal lining, unlike the vaginal lining, is a relatively porous barrier that is only one cell thick (the lower intestine is designed to absorb fluids — that is the very essence of its function); thus, it is quite easy for the HIV virus to transit through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and target cells. Some experts estimate that it only takes about 10 minutes for the virus to break through the barriers to infect the victim.
In regards to women’s vulnerability to HIV, to be blunt again, the HIV virus can burrow through natural barriers, enter the blood stream, gain access to deeper tissues and reproduce much more easily in the rectum than in the vagina. Thus, women are better protected against the virus. The healthy vagina, however, has a strong lining that is infection resistant, and under normal circumstances, its tremendous elasticity minimizes the risk of tears and abrasions so that the HIV virus, barring a weakening of the system, has great difficulty breeching its natural barriers. Thus, according to Dr. Grossman, some researchers contend that vaginal transmission is very rare."

Lets all blame someone else!

Typical of the usual refusal to give comprehensive knowledge to the homosexuals why their sexual activities-including barebacking, inability of condoms to give adequate protection, alcohol and drug abuse, put them at greater risk for the deadly diseases, the Oxford University researchers shift the blame to someone else “the rates are driven by the cultural, religious and political unwillingness to accept ‘sodomy practitioners’ as equal members of society”! Ha ha ha! This is philosophically untenable in similar public health occurences. We would have to blame society’s rejection of smoking as the cause to why smokers are 80 times more likely to have lung cancer than non smokers! We would blame society for cultural, religious and political unwillingness to accept drug abuse, which has driven it underground causing the related self destructive negative outcomes. It is this campaign of keeping comprehensive knowledge on sodomy and its attendant negative outcomes that is driving the genocide.

From my experience in HIV/AIDS in Uganda:
Having been at the frontline of the worlds most succesful global HIV/AIDS effort, from 86-90 we worked to give people the power to make personal choices for their survival. We were blunt, we told them that HIV/AIDS is spread primarily through promiscuity. We launched a national campaign which targetted real behaviour change! Abstain and be Faithul in marriage! And for those foolish enough to have sex outside marriage, they were told not to be so foolish as not to use a condom at it would substantially “reduce” their risk, but not take it away completely. The condom was never pushed as the magic bullet, rather it was abstinence and mutual faithfulness! We were able to break the back of the epidemic.

Are married heterosexuals more likely to have HIV/AIDS than homosexuals?

Today sadly, our programs have been hijacked by western bureacrats and get rich quick politicians at the Uganda AIDS commission. Now they have billboards saying “Married people are more like to have HIV!” Sure? Where is the evidence? And Compared to who? To prostitutes or homosexuals? Shock, this new information we actually should have a billboard that says the truth “Homosexuals are 10 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS- Stay safe, abstain from Sodomy” I am sure that is why Bahati and Uganda’s parliament are on the verge of making the anti-homosexuality bill 2009.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A letter to Pams House of homosexualists friends.

Hey, I just left a letter to Maura who seems to be surprised that I am online now. The news is that Uganda just got connected to the fiber optic and we now have can access some internet. The cool thing is we can stop the one way discussion and now have a real debate...Here is my letter to Maura at Pams House blend.

Dear Maura and friends,
I thank you for discussing my blog and the news that I am available online. It turns out we have just got connected to fiberoptic internet..for the first time in History ..and the good news is that we can now talk. I regret that I have been misrepresented but I do hope we can learn more from each other.

Indeed it is true that I finally do have a blog! And Rick warren did not write it for me. I write my blog. Please do advise your Pam House blend friends not to be racist to always look for a white man to credit every time a black man does something good.

First, I did respond to your posting on my blog. I hope you got it..The negative birth rates in Western nations shoud concern all of us. For us in Africa, dying without giving birth to a child when it was in your power to produce is a curse. It is a betrayal of the ancestors because we the living are the link to the descendants. That in a sense why homosexuality is deemed as a curse and an abomination. Even before Christianity, our culture abhors anything that does not produce life.

Secondly, the anti homosexuality bill is a Ugandan effort, by Ugandans for Ugandans. A lot has been spoken about the death penalty creating hysteria among some of you that we propose to run around and round up anyone who practices sodomy. No such thing..The death penalty is specifically proposed in cases of aggravated defilement which is the equivalent of statutory rape of minor or a handicapped person against their wish. I do not support or will not support any bill which seeks the death penalty for homosexuals. On the other hand we will not be deterred from making the bill which is intended to protect our children from recruitment and propaganda. Hey now with internet we can talk more on this.

Finally kindly tell your fellow blogger to mind their manners when they are discussing. Continue to challenge their racial bigotry which makes it look like an African cant have a PhD or be able to blog! Some of these comments are vulgar, obscene and totally lacking objectivity with which costructive debate can be engaged in. Please do not forget to give a link to my, twitter, and facebook. All at martinssempa

Hope you don't mind me joining this great debate.

Why we need to fight HOMOPHOBIA without legitimizing Sodomy.

Fellow world changers following the freedom caravan, here is a quick update I just sent out to a group of young American homosexuals who are surprised that an African can actually blog, write and even have a PhD! Sad to say but its true cause every time a black man does something good, they want to look for a white man ie Rick Warren to credit for our work. Any way here is a brief post I just left for discussion while announcing the upcoming global conference as below. If they are concerned about truth not finding a way to hide under misrepresentations. MS PhD.

Dear Wayne and friends,

Thank you for posting my press statement on website.I would like to make sure that we fight HOMOPHOBIA all over the world by giving people comprehensive and accurate information on homosexuality. I agree we must never make any legislation based on people, rather we must legislate actions. It is actions which constitute social deviance, a social and spirtual debt and harm society.

My question is this, is there any part of the listed sexual acts which are not true? I agree with you unnatural acts whether homo or hetero are still unnatural and must be equally treated as deviant. Having worked as a case worker with people with HIV/AIDS both in the US and Africa for more than 23 years you could imagine I have a little information.

Finally we are scheduling an international conference on a post Copenhagen"Global Sexual Climate Change and its implications on population sustainability" in Kampala Uganda November 2010. We are looking for papers and scholars. Anyone interested please shoot me an email with your credentials at

We are interested why homosexuals in Africa have 10 times more HIV/AIDS than normal people? Why are nations such as European Union which have legalised homosexuality having a crisis in population sustainability? What are the implications of the global culture clash between western views of Sodomy as a human right, and the African view of Sodomy as a human vice. Does globalisation mean Sodomisation!

This and much more..coming up for Nov 2010

Statement asking the Speaker of Uganda's parliament to throw Gideon Byamugisha and his Sodomy gang out of parliament!

Cannon Gideon Byamugisha is a man who became famous because he acquired HIV/AIDS and announced it publicly! Since I was there from early 1987, I know him to be a recent entrant into the work, but he spends most of his time speaking to foreign pro sodomy conferences who love to use him as their shrill! He started ANAL-Lela in Mukono 2003 which in has about 17 religious leaders somehow acquired HIV/AIDS. He is one of those who has been using HIV/AIDS as a means to further his personal and the agenda of Sodomy.
Today he is coming to parliament with a group of pro-sodomy gangsters. They come with an alleged petition of “500,000” (half a million) ghost signatures of foreigners who want our parliament to throw the anti-homosexuality bill out of parliament because sodomy to them is a “human right”! Mr. Speaker sir, to us as Africans, Sodomy is NOT human right but a HUMAN VICE! We kindly ask that you throw Gideon and his petition out of parliament so he can go back and see if he can bring 500,000 Ugandan signatures. We guarantee he cannot even get 500 signatures of Ugandans! We the Ugandan voters who elected our MPs are the ones who are demanding that you make a law to protect our children from Sodomy. The majority of Ugandans are united on one thing, Sodomy is not a human right but a human vice and we need the bill to protect our children!

As a campaign we are working on getting 10 million signatures of voters who are signing up demanding that you continue with the democratic process. Do not allow Gideon and his sodomy gangstas to mislead you or deter you on the anti-homosexuality legislation.

While we may recommend varying punishments on those who undertake statutory rape (aggravated defilement/homosexuality) of minors and the handicapped, we all agree that homosexuality is a global problem like HIV/AIDS and swine flu which needs emergency legislative efforts. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 is a much welcome relief to meet the challenges of our people who are being compromised by money or promises of gain.

Gideon is no longer respected in our HIV/AIDS circles because he has been the chief agent of criticizing our our successful message of ABC. At the 15th International AIDS conference in Bangkok Thailand, Gideon Byamugisha sadly publicly attacked president Museveni when HE spoke about the importance of ABC! Gideon has instead been advocating for some non tested and never proved plan called “SHAVED” As family policy center and the National task force against homosexuality in Uganda do recommend that Gideon and his gangsters be treated as imperialistic agents of Sodomy who should be sent to Kyankwanzi cadre school and taught a lesson Patriotism! For God and my country.. Martin Ssempa PhD

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The million voters march

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people. African dont want Sodomy. So they are making a law to further protect their children from the plans of those who want to covertly legitimate it as a human right, sexual right, minority right, gender right, womens right, HIV/AIDS right. They are using many fronts, but the goal is the same..legitimation of the illegal, decriminalizing the criminal. Sodomy is not a human right, but a HUMAN VICE!

Here thousands in Jinja March calling homosexuals to repent! Parliament dont be intimidated and Obama-Sodomy is not the change we want!

The million voters march

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people. Thi

Ugandans wail and weep because of the evil of Sodomy!

Okay folks here is a photo of the most recent demonstration of Africans united against Sodomy. Moslems, Christians, youth and old...they gathered and made a very special statement. Barack Obama..Sodomy IS NOT THE CHANGE WE WANT! Not only that but they wept and wailed to God on behalf of the children who are being pulled into this abominable lifestyle. For more than 5 minutes we wept as Africans do, Woowe, Woowe Woowe crying out to God to save us!

As the parliament discusses the bill, and homosexuals have recruited the services of the political leaders of the western government Barack Obama, Gordom Brown, Hilary Clinto to harrass our leaders with phone calls and blackmail threats telling our president ..not to allow the parliament to make a law protecting our children from Sodomy! Ugandans took to the streets and have come out massively to GIVE SODOMY THE RED CARD!

ABC news, Reuters, BBC, German news and so many others national and international were there! He he he..the homosexual were busy drinking at a party in Kampala knowing that Police had denied us permission for the demo in Kampala when they heard that we were now all over the news in Jinja! Ah you really cannot fight God! Western homosexuals and their local sidekicks must be frightened by this! The power of the people must scare them! But more so it is power of God.

This is not about Ssempa vs the few homosexuals in Uganda. No this is a clash of civilisations..a clash of cultures. When the entire machinery of the western civilisation which has been taken hostage by leaders whose number one foreign policy is the export of Sodomy meets the African people and its leaders who find sodomy to be an abomination, an evil which is decreed as un natural both by our God, our ancestors and our laws! The anti homosexuality bill is controversial not because it presribes the death penalty to paedophiles and rapists (as in statutory rape of minors and the handicapped), but that it criminalizes the sodomy recruitment propopaganda! Secondly it declares any treaty or declaration ie CEDAW, Yogyakarta principles to automatically be unbinding as long as they are incosistent with our position on sodomy and homosexuality. The plot of France and Netherlands at UN to force nations into Sodomy by legislative coersion will not be accepted by the African people.