For God and My Country

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oundo Video- Baptism

Someone sang a song...pray for the fish. Sometime the waters of baptism carry away so much pollution from the soul and spirit that musicians made a song..pray for the fish.

Here is Oundos story just before I baptized him at the university swimming pool.

I am sure the battle for his soul continues every day as ex lovers covet him to return to his life of sin and promiscuity. But may God grant George and others a chance to repent and be saved.

I sometime think that it "it takes more faith to make a change of putting a black man as the president in the white house because you have to overcome many many years of racism and history. But it takes less faith for a man who is been sexually perveted to turn away and live in a normal and sexually pure lifestyle for the glory of God."

Here is the videos: