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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another story ... Pastor Robert Kayanja's “Image” and the Arrest of Pastor Solomon Male


Kato Mivule | December 22, 2010

Those who have been following Uganda's Evangelical Church news in Uganda could not fail to realize that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center has been on a Media blitz trying to “restore his reputation and image”.
From the holding of a Prayer Breakfast for Uganda's top politicians and press coverage of his wife's “Girl Power” conference, and rubbing shoulders with the Archbishop of York, Ssentamu, Pastor Robert Kayanja has undoubtedly been on a media blitz, doing PR to repair his image rather than that of Jesus Christ with whom there seems to be a large and widening contrast.

A few years ago a group of Ugandan Pastors reported to the Ugandan Police cases of boys who claimed they had been sexually molested by some of Uganda's mega church Pastors including Pastor Robert Kayanja. One of the Pastors, Grace Kitaka resigned, others, including Pastor Robert Kayanja vehemently denied the allegations.

The Ugandan Police claimed to have carried out investigations but made a turning surprise when they received large donation for housing renovations for the Police department from Pastor Robert Kayanja. The Police then accused the victims of sexual abuse of making false allegations and tainting the “image” of Pastor Robert Kayanja.

The young boys who had reported to their local Pastors that they were sexually abused, were instead hunted by police and arrested. The Pastors who had obeyed Ugandan laws by reporting the allegations of sexual abuse to police were in turn arrested, others are still fighting court cases in Ugandan courts of law. As of Ugandan media reports Pastor Solomon Male together with his lawyer were arrested by Ugandan Police personnel and accused of making false allegations against the “reputation” of Robert Kayanja.

What these Pastors, headed by Pastor Male had simply done was to bring the concerns and serious allegations of sexual abuse to Ugandan Authorities. Instead corruption and injustice ruled the day and the abused became the accused. This is one reason why the Ugandan Anti Homosexual Bill was strongly supported by Pastor Solomon Male and others who saw no way of escape and justice but rather blamed the Gay community for all the child sexual abuse cases in Uganda as a consequence and thus derailed their fight against Child Abuse and Sexual Molestation that continues to plague Uganda.

Yet this turn of events by Ugandan authorities arresting Pastor Male for simply reporting that young boys are being sexually molested is not only wrong and unjust but plain evil. Further still, arresting his lawyer only shows that justice in Uganda belongs to the select few, the powerful

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politicians in unholy matrimony with the clergy.

Uganda's Police painted a picture that it is not in their interest to protect the weak in society but rather their mission seems to be the protection of the powerful and well connected, no wonder Uganda still has to fight the “image” of being a banana republic.

Interesting and ironic is that the same government of Uganda that finds resources to protect the “image” of a powerful evangelical preacher is at the same time working hard to pass bills for the execution of gays in Uganda.

Ugandan authorities should have allowed for due process for those who alleged that Robert Kayanja sexually abused them. According to Ugandan Media reports, The Police claim that they could not find any evidence of anal penetration on the victims of sexual abuse and thus cleared Robert Kayanja on any wrong doing. Such claims are not only laughable but show how inept the Ugandan Police are.

Thousands of sexually abused victims do not necessarily have evidence of anal penetration. To look at anal penetration as the only evidence of sexual abuse shows total ignorance, ineptitude, naivety, and absurdity on part of the Ugandan Police. The sexual abuse allegations should have been taken more seriously and experts allowed into the investigation.

Yet even the arrest of Pastor Solomon Male's Lawyer, accusing him of filing a false affidavit on behalf of the sexually abused victims shows that the Police were bent of clearing Robert Kayanja's name and refurbishing his “image” at all costs.

Pastor Robert Kayanja might have momentarily succeeded in repainting his “image” but that image of Jesus Christ in the lives of many has been totally damaged...Pastor Robert Kayanja was more interested in his own “Image” than that of Jesus Christ. Even a local Church commission of inquiry into that matter could have shown some respect for the sexually abused victims and due process – at least according to New Testament teachings.

The “image” we have of Pastor Robert Kayanga now is one of an autocratic Pastor, friend of the powerful and corrupt African politicians, well connected and one with power to thwart justice at any cost.

The story of the fall of mega church preachers continues, from TBN's Paul Crouch, Bishop Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, DayStar's Marcus Lamb, among others, all with money and power...but scandals they cannot prevent.

Pastor Kayanja should have gone the route of Pastor Simon Kayiwa, who after being accused of witchcraft, human sacrifice, and devil worship submitted to a Church commission of inquiry into that matter, the commission later disagreed on the final report but cleared Pastor Kayiwa...instead Pastor Robert Kayanja has set his own precedent...and like the blind leading the blind, the ditch is not far away.

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