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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Statement concerning conspiracy against Pastor Kayanja's accusers

Dear Ssempa friends,

Happy New Year greetings. I am sure many of you have read today's stories and the ones in the last few days with keen interest concerning my wellbeing. Many of you have called wondering if I am okay, as it was reported that I went missing from Police which wanted to arrest me on Chritmas Eve! I am indeed okay having had a most distressing pre christmas season. I along with a few pastors have been highlighted to be charged by the police and DPP for allegedly conspiring to injure the reputation of Pr Kayanja! Today's monitor publication run the story as DPP approved conspiracy charges against Pr. Kayanja's accusers. This accusation is baseless and most unfortunate.

I was just doing my job as a pastor when a Robson came to me for counselling. He was afraid and kept saying how dangerous it was for him. I want you to read what he essentially told me which he later wrote in an affidavit. You decide if this was some story he made up. I know for sure working with victims of sexual abuse and trafficking is a very dangerous job and our experience is no difference. It is claimed that I promised to pay him Sh 160,000 to make this up. Is this a story that can be woven for a fee of $70. Could it actually be true and that the law enforcement is unable or unwilling to deal with it?

Asides this, I am very embarrassed that now pastors are in the news for all issues..Sodomy! I really wish this was not so. I am also troubled because it all does not make sense to me and my wife! It would have made sense for the police to go after me if; Smuggled wines were found in my home, or Iwas found to be driving a stolen vehicle by intepol. It would make sense if I made failed prophecies about the death of some opposition politicians or if my associate pastors were involved in husband snatching or in court for sodomy! If I was in court on why I carried several passports or why I was moving around with small group of armed men with AK-47s. Maybe if my generosity of painting and giving to the police had caused parliament to make a statement telling me to stop it would have made sense. But all this does not make I ask that we pray and ask some hard questions.

For now I am scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday morning. If the preaching of truth and helping the victims of abuse leads me through some valleys of hardship then I will go through it. My prayer is that I will be a history maker for the glory of God. Happy new year 2011

Have safe holidays and remember to give to those in need.

Martin Ssempa

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