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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

America learns about Africa-ABC's Nightline presents or misrepresents the struggle!

The struggle against the colonial imposition of sodomy of in Africa by western powers will be shown tommorrow on ABC's Nightline programme. I just got this word from ABC producers.

" Pastor Ssempa -- I just wanted to let you know our story for ABC News is set to air tomorrow on Nightline. I will be sure to send you both a link so you can watch it online, and also a DVD copy. Unfortunately, ABC News policy will not allow me to send you any of our raw footage, but you may of course use the story as a whole, and there is a lot of footage from the rally in Jinja there. Again, thank you for your graciousness during our visit to Uganda. All the best to you and your family."

Well that is a bummer. They promised to give me a copy of the footage and they were yes yes a
ll the time. Now..they are claiming our policy! Were they baiting me or lying to me? Secondly wonder however what is the remote possibility that this struggle will be factually and objectively covered. I must admit that I really did not like Dan Harris..we just did not connect or rather he just did not like Africa/Uganda's culture which unlike New York does not recognize sodomy as a human right. Yes he was in the midst of a population to whom sodomy is a human vice and great sin before God. No wonder after inteviewing me, we gave him a couple of keepsake buttons which said "Uganda Stands against Sodomy" he wrote posted it on his twitter saying "Souvenir from the most homophobic place I've ever been." Ah that is a bit discouraging because he apparently finds our pro family position objectionable calling it "homophobic". Apparently if Dan would have his way, he would take all of Africans to a "school of diversity" based in New York where we would all be told to repeat after him...sodomy is good, Africas Christian religion and culture are bad! I will keep my fingers crossed because journalists are supposed to be objective and factual even if their "beliefs" conflict with the story they are covering.

Dont show or tell us about ex homosexuals-
At the meetings there was two ex homosexuals. Paul Kagaba ex spokesperson for homosexuals in Uganda and Sandra who all great stories of transformation. Dan did not seem to care about their stories how rich western guys like George Soros were pouring thousands of dollars into pro sodomy campaigns. The matereal facts of the lives changes through the power of Jesus Christ did not seem to interest him. That bothered me.

They promised to be factual!
February 4, 2010 4:12:26 PM PST

When I first heard from ABC this is the letter they sent me:

Hello Pastor Ssempa –

I’m a producer for the American television news broadcast ABC News Nightline. I understand you’ve spoken with Ben about being a part of a story we’re doing
about homosexuality in Uganda. We really appreciate your cooperation, and I think you’ll find that the format of our show gives you an excellent platform for presenting yourself and your church to an American audience. Our award-winning broadcast airs every night at 11:35pm eastern standard time, for an audience of about four million people. Our stories are in the six to ten minute range, which gives us much more time to explore topics in-depth than most news shows can.

What we’d like to do, ideally, is spend part of Sunday with you and your congregation, filming. Then we would join you again on Wednesday, the day of the rally, as you prepare for that event and then attend it.
Our hope is that spending so much time together will really give us a chance to build a profile of you for our show, and we’ll be able to discuss a lot of the issues that have bubbled up around this pending legislation.

Please do let me know if you have any questions for me. I’ll be traveling to Uganda along with my colleagues Almin, who is also a producer, and Dan Harris, who is the on-camera correspondent for the story. We’re all looking forward to our trip to Uganda, and meeting you and the members of your church. All best, Katie, Producer
ABC News Nightline

Drag Rick Warren in somehow!

It is now an old story, but template reporting demands that there must be a good guy and a bad guy. Usually you want to link the African to some "rich American" evangelical right winger who is funding or paying them to do the legislation. While we as Africans are very dissappointed in Pr. Rick Warren who like Peter in time of pressure betrayed Jesus, Rick Warren has also betrayed our friendship and the biblical teaching on homosexuality. The urban legend on Ugandas bill is to claim that it was designed in America by the likes of Rick Warren and some speakers who visited Uganda for five days for an ex homosexuality conference. The truth is that this IS NOT in any way funded or developed by Rick Warren , Scott Lively et al. It is a homogrown effort by Ugandans for Ugandans. On the 1st of March I got this letter asking if I had a video of Rick Warren..meaning that Rick will be featured somehow.

Hello Dr. Ssempa – I hope you are well. We are back in the States, working on the story, which hopefully will be airing in the next few weeks. I will make sure I let you know the date once we have settled on one. In the meantime, I am wondering if you have any photos of yourself from your visits to Saddleback Church, or with Mr. Warren or his wife. If you have a few that you could email to me, that would be very helpful. I hope you and your family are well. Thank you for being so kind to us during our visit to your beautiful country. I look forward to returning someday. All the best, Katie

Sorry No photos of Rick Warren BUT WE ARE PRAYING FOR PR. RICK WARREN.

I said sorry no video or photos. However Pr. Rick is best remembered less a purpose driven pastor, but more as a pressure driven pastor! He supported proposition 8, Californias effort to define marriage as man and woman at the polls, then turned and claimed he did not support it when he was on Larry King Live. A great video on this has been made, "will the real Rick Warren please stand up at the good people at good fight ministries. After watching this video, I would rather remain true to what God says in Bible and earn the scorn of the homosexuals and the perveted mind of the world. "I am not trying to please man, but I am trying to please God".

I ask that you all join me in prayer that somehow those who are lost in the city of modern day sodom and gomorrah will somehow find the truth of God and turn away from their wickedness. Maybe having used ABC as the method of fighting HIV/AIDS God, can use the witness of Africa to remind fallen Western world including Barack Obama the ABC of sex and the family. Indeed marriage of man and woman is the CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS AND AMERICA WANTS. This is the audacity of my hope through Jesus Christ.

See this Video.
This issue is much bigger than Uganda and Rick Warren.
What is happening is that a global culture clash is taking place as western forces of human rights, and their local agents are trying to impose homosexuality on Africa. Africans are bothered by the effort of Pre. Barack Obamas adminstration of putting "sodomy" on top of his foreign policy agenda. This is now taking place in Kenya, Malawi and other nations. Will ABC tell the real ABC of the global clash?


  1. Pastor martin, how does one access this footage. Otherwise we are behind you and not moved by the American "BAD" reporting...I watched the Jinja demo. and I know that Ugandans are for the bill. Homosexuality was given a RED CARD.

  2. why are you posting all of this anti-ABC stuff before they air your piece? if you had an ounce of wisdom you'd call them liars and baiters after... maybe they should pull your piece so your venemous ideology cannot be shared with Americans. Smart man Ssempa.

  3. Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your advise. Of course the interview was pre-set with ideologically driven questions and many misleading statements. All the same, this kind of modern sexual racism is expected in the altars of modern media.