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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview with Dr. Michael Brown 101

Just had an American and African dialogue with Dr. Michael Browns on his show...was a great time of discussing clearly what are the key issues concerning the debate I am posting here the summary of the interview highlighting the key issues. The show is available here.

1. Who are you?
Shared about my 24 years of expertise on fronline of Uganda's HIV/AIDS success. My education was also shared. Bachelors in Sociology, Masters of science in counseling, and a PhD in public health and service for my globally successful work on HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

2. What is the difference between American and Africa-
I shared
our 5000 years of history as a civilization with Kingdoms and strong cultures handed down from father to son through families, clans, tribes and kingdoms. The youngest kingdom in Uganda is older than the American Republic. But we are opposed to homosexuality because
a. Because it breaks the LAW of our CULTURES and the teaching of our ancestors. It is a taboo.
b. It breaks the Law of our FAITH teaching..whether Christian or Moslem's.
c. It breaks it breaks the Law of NATURE where male goes with female.
d. It breaks the LAW of Uganda..penal code and constitution.

This is global clash of is clash where the west is saying this is a human right, and African says it is A HUMAN VICE.

3. Why does Uganda need bill now.

a. International groups which are coersing homosexuality down our throats ie France and Netherlands at the UN.
b. Lack of protection for the boy child from homosexual rape.
c. Lack of protection for the girls and women in the current law. Only focus on male homosexuality.
d. Lack of legislation against promotion and conspiracies to promote homosexuality.

Note: We have learnt that now the Penal Code was amended to cater for the gender imbalance in b above.

4. What about the death penalty and aggravated defilement?

We do understand this to be about statutory rape of minors and the handicapped.
We have written as Uganda Joint Christian council to make sure that the death penalty is removed and sentences made less harsh.
Asked for inclusion of rehabilitation.
Recommend that aggravated defilement focuses on the defilement of minors or statury rape.
Give confidentiality to care providers.
The bill is really in draft stage and comments are being taken from all.

5. What don't you have a copy of the bill on your website?
First I am not the parliament..You can get a copy thru the parliament of Uganda.
Uganda's Internet has been very very hard and slow. I have just started having access to the

internet over the last couple of weeks due to new fiber-optic service connected to Uganda.
The bill with the parliament where you can get a copy through their website.
Not having much access in the past to internet..but I will upload a pdf version and our Uganda Joint Christian Council recommendations over the next couple of days.

6. Do you hate homosexuals? What would you do if they came to your church?

The deliberate spin of some pro-homosexual media is to try and make one hateful and monstrous.
On the countrary I think my church is the safest place for homosexuals to go and many come and are changed. In my worship team, my ushers and leaders I have former lesbians and homosexuals.

I have Paul Kagaba the former spokesperson for homosexuals in Uganda who is in my church. We are caring for Sandra a former lesbian who was thrown out by lesbians cause she got pregnant and they threw her out. We are also caring for another girl who got pregnant out of wedlock and no one would care for her and her baby.
You see I believe the church is like a school where we teach, a hospital where we treat the wounded, a temple were we worship and celebrate God, and finally it is also the fortress for soldiers of the Lord.

7. What about the four Americans who came to Uganda. Are they responsible for the bill?

Really that is an exaggeration intended to attack and make American Christians look bad. They came to teach on the gay agenda, counselling homosexual etc. I actually never even went to the conference. Bahati never attended his meetings at all.

No this is an African, home grown effort for Ugandans by Ugandans. This is democracy where leaders make laws for the people based on the will of the Ugandan people.

Finally this clash is a global clash of culture and ideology. Uganda is battle ground for the global clash on HIV/AIDS policies as well as the issue of homosexuality. The west including Obama\Hilarly Clinton\George Soros say it is a human right. But Africans say, it is a HUMAN VICE. This is not only in Uganda, it is in Kenya, in Malawi, in Senegal, in Nigeria etc. Dont blame the Rick Warren or Scott Lively. That is just divisive.

8. What words do you have for the American Church?

The major networks don't really tell the truth on the issue of homosexuality. They and the homosexual bloggers will seek to label the bill and Ugandans as extremists so as to scare off support and debate.

The hysterical response at the least more than hypocritical.
In all of Uganda's history we dont have a homosexual who has ever been arrested and killed because of homosexuality. On the other hand every day more than 3000 babies are murdered with American peoples money in the abortion clinics which are in their backyardsBold. The babies are punished not for what they have done, but JUST FOR WHO THEY ARE.

I do ask that God will use Uganda and what was called the dark continent to bring a re-awakening to the true teaching of the Bible on the issue of life and sexual purity. We can preach the message of God save the sinners without legitimating the life of sin and sexual anarchy.

8. Now that you are famous or infamous from Nightline show and this anti-homosexuality bill give a 30 second closing message to the Pastors.

The truth is more of my time is spent in church planting, preventing HIV/AIDS and helping the poor. However Nightline is not really interested in that side of the story.

I will however say that, "if the price for contending for the truth of the word of God is being wrongly misrepresented on Nightline, then I will gladly carry that cross. I would rather stand for God, my African culture and my family and be despised on Nightline, than win the favor of Larry King of CNN. Jesus warned us about not loving the world at the expense of His truth".

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