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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Human Sacrifice for riches in Uganda comes to American television.

I am grateful for ABC television finally coming to Uganda and filming the grotesque and pagan practice of human sacrifice of children in the bid to gain wealth from the devil. This demonic practice has been promoted in Uganda over the last two years but it has taken much root in 2009. ABC story and news clip is seen here.

What is human sacrifice? It is when a human being is offered to the demonic powers as a compesation for the promise of supernatural intervention. This includes financial gain, favour in employment, influence of court decisions and the ground breaking for large construction or industrial complexes. For many years the sophisticated elites dismissed them as superstitions which dont exisit or urban/rural legends. The truth is that they have grown and continue to destry the lives of many children.

Yet I fear that while there is willingness to expose the great evil, there is a great reluctance for the powers that be to really take action on this monster. The case of
Godfrey Kato Kajubi a rich tycoon who hired a couple to execute his orders of sacrificing three children with a payment of 12 million $4000 highlights the trouble of fighting for the rights of the victims. Ugandan Tycoon named in ritual murder.

Kajubi is rich and the victims are not!

The rich and influential people are the ones who are guilty of these atrocities. The police and law enforcement across the region is corrupt and will not touch them. In fact reports have indicated that the people behind these gross crimes against children are in the corridors of power..the army, police, business, and government! It is difficult therefore for the police to investigate and prosecute people who have financial clout and are close to the seat of power. The case of Kajubi which is up for hearing again this Thursday shows the ups and downs of access to justice. The police seems to have bungled the case and it is now most likely that what was clearly a classic case for the state to prove its zero tolerance for human sacrifice is not going the right way! God help all Uganda's children.

Things are not getting better:

We are told that with US aid, there are more than 2000 offices who have been trained in dealing with human sacrifice, but things just seem to get worse. Read below: "The state minister for internal affairs, Matia Kasaija, regretted that there was a 600% increase in ritual murder, from the three reported in 2007, up to 18 cases last year."

We need FAITH and Gods power!
This is an issue of demonic worship and must be attacked at the root with faith. Police will also need officers with faith who cannot be afraid of dealing with high levell sorcerers. The Europeans think of them as issues of Harry Porter and others. But these are real life issue which the Africans experiences on a daily basis.

We need to stop the promotion of these witchdoctors on the radios.
Every day on the radio stations witchdoctors advertise themselves and their ultimate advise is really a high form of human sacrifice. I have written to broadcasting council asking them to stop them and a feeble newspaper advertisement has been made. But they still continue on BeatFM, on Super FM and many others. They hide under the guise of herbalists, and traditional healers. I want to ask how do we differentiate between good witchdoctors and bad ones? Are they from South Africa as IGG Kayihura tells us, or could even our own Maama Fina provide the information for us!

This case of Kajubi keeps me awake at night. I pray God will move in our land to stop the madness.


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  1. we need justice in Uganda....this case on human sacrifice has been in court for so long....i have a feeling its being postponed on purpose, all evidence is clearly pointing towards him....we need God to intervene......the guy is rich and look at Kasirye's family...the rich always get away with it.

    The government should help us and remove all these witches advertising themselves on radios....i mean they are allover the place.