For God and My Country

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The million voters march

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people. African dont want Sodomy. So they are making a law to further protect their children from the plans of those who want to covertly legitimate it as a human right, sexual right, minority right, gender right, womens right, HIV/AIDS right. They are using many fronts, but the goal is the same..legitimation of the illegal, decriminalizing the criminal. Sodomy is not a human right, but a HUMAN VICE!

Here thousands in Jinja March calling homosexuals to repent! Parliament dont be intimidated and Obama-Sodomy is not the change we want!


  1. surely, those who can not understand the state of this matter especially to this generation, i can say they do not have a heart to our Nation Uganda. Pastor, this fight is real but the interesting part is God is on our side and He reins!those about their selfish desires are yet to face their pay!

  2. Yes Namamay thank you for the encouragement. This is clash of civilisations, a fight for our survival.God is on our side!