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Monday, March 1, 2010

A letter to Pams House of homosexualists friends.

Hey, I just left a letter to Maura who seems to be surprised that I am online now. The news is that Uganda just got connected to the fiber optic and we now have can access some internet. The cool thing is we can stop the one way discussion and now have a real debate...Here is my letter to Maura at Pams House blend.

Dear Maura and friends,
I thank you for discussing my blog and the news that I am available online. It turns out we have just got connected to fiberoptic internet..for the first time in History ..and the good news is that we can now talk. I regret that I have been misrepresented but I do hope we can learn more from each other.

Indeed it is true that I finally do have a blog! And Rick warren did not write it for me. I write my blog. Please do advise your Pam House blend friends not to be racist to always look for a white man to credit every time a black man does something good.

First, I did respond to your posting on my blog. I hope you got it..The negative birth rates in Western nations shoud concern all of us. For us in Africa, dying without giving birth to a child when it was in your power to produce is a curse. It is a betrayal of the ancestors because we the living are the link to the descendants. That in a sense why homosexuality is deemed as a curse and an abomination. Even before Christianity, our culture abhors anything that does not produce life.

Secondly, the anti homosexuality bill is a Ugandan effort, by Ugandans for Ugandans. A lot has been spoken about the death penalty creating hysteria among some of you that we propose to run around and round up anyone who practices sodomy. No such thing..The death penalty is specifically proposed in cases of aggravated defilement which is the equivalent of statutory rape of minor or a handicapped person against their wish. I do not support or will not support any bill which seeks the death penalty for homosexuals. On the other hand we will not be deterred from making the bill which is intended to protect our children from recruitment and propaganda. Hey now with internet we can talk more on this.

Finally kindly tell your fellow blogger to mind their manners when they are discussing. Continue to challenge their racial bigotry which makes it look like an African cant have a PhD or be able to blog! Some of these comments are vulgar, obscene and totally lacking objectivity with which costructive debate can be engaged in. Please do not forget to give a link to my, twitter, and facebook. All at martinssempa

Hope you don't mind me joining this great debate.


  1. Christianity is a clear and present danger to our lives. It must be crushed, destroyed, ground under the boot and erased from history. Nothing less will do.

    Stalin knew what to do with the likes of you.

  2. Greetings Dr Ssemppa;
    I don''t believe that anyone at Pam's believes that it is either unlikely or impossible for African culture to produce Doctoral level minds. Pam's has a rich and varied mix in backgrounds, culturally.
    Respectfully, as always;
    Maureen E. Hennessey, PhD

  3. Hey Dr. Ssempa, this is cool of you.It speaks absolute sense to have you on. please let's clear the air and show the truth. For the eight or so years I have known you, the more understanding I have gained on many moral issues. For example when an African says No to homosexuality, that is it exactly. It is not because they have been bribed but in reality and in truth it abhors their culture and it is not palatable to a human race. Thank you for your stand always. I will always support you in such endeavours. I bless you.


  4. Dear Maureen,

    I have been take aback by the comments of some who have written to me stating the opposite. Even on your website you did mention your hesitation to post my blog knowing "how some of the people" behave on your site. But I know you cant predict what some people will or will not say. I appreciate your polite and respectful demeanor.