For God and My Country

Monday, March 1, 2010

Statement asking the Speaker of Uganda's parliament to throw Gideon Byamugisha and his Sodomy gang out of parliament!

Cannon Gideon Byamugisha is a man who became famous because he acquired HIV/AIDS and announced it publicly! Since I was there from early 1987, I know him to be a recent entrant into the work, but he spends most of his time speaking to foreign pro sodomy conferences who love to use him as their shrill! He started ANAL-Lela in Mukono 2003 which in has about 17 religious leaders somehow acquired HIV/AIDS. He is one of those who has been using HIV/AIDS as a means to further his personal and the agenda of Sodomy.
Today he is coming to parliament with a group of pro-sodomy gangsters. They come with an alleged petition of “500,000” (half a million) ghost signatures of foreigners who want our parliament to throw the anti-homosexuality bill out of parliament because sodomy to them is a “human right”! Mr. Speaker sir, to us as Africans, Sodomy is NOT human right but a HUMAN VICE! We kindly ask that you throw Gideon and his petition out of parliament so he can go back and see if he can bring 500,000 Ugandan signatures. We guarantee he cannot even get 500 signatures of Ugandans! We the Ugandan voters who elected our MPs are the ones who are demanding that you make a law to protect our children from Sodomy. The majority of Ugandans are united on one thing, Sodomy is not a human right but a human vice and we need the bill to protect our children!

As a campaign we are working on getting 10 million signatures of voters who are signing up demanding that you continue with the democratic process. Do not allow Gideon and his sodomy gangstas to mislead you or deter you on the anti-homosexuality legislation.

While we may recommend varying punishments on those who undertake statutory rape (aggravated defilement/homosexuality) of minors and the handicapped, we all agree that homosexuality is a global problem like HIV/AIDS and swine flu which needs emergency legislative efforts. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 is a much welcome relief to meet the challenges of our people who are being compromised by money or promises of gain.

Gideon is no longer respected in our HIV/AIDS circles because he has been the chief agent of criticizing our our successful message of ABC. At the 15th International AIDS conference in Bangkok Thailand, Gideon Byamugisha sadly publicly attacked president Museveni when HE spoke about the importance of ABC! Gideon has instead been advocating for some non tested and never proved plan called “SHAVED” As family policy center and the National task force against homosexuality in Uganda do recommend that Gideon and his gangsters be treated as imperialistic agents of Sodomy who should be sent to Kyankwanzi cadre school and taught a lesson Patriotism! For God and my country.. Martin Ssempa PhD


  1. If you had the slightest clue about how this argument has progessed in the civilised countries of the world, you'd realise that drumming up horror and wallowing in pornographic descriptions will only debase YOU and your arguments? Fling filth and all you'll get is more filth on you.


    Are we going to condemn heterosexuals based on the gruesome excesses of heterosexual porn? The anal sex, the fisting, the barely legal girls, the rape fantasies?
    You are clearly a conditioned homophobe, trained like a dog to find homosexuality revolting.
    Normal heterosexual men don't care about homosexuals or get fascinated with sexual practices, which, no matter how distasteful you might find them, are NOT morally wrong until cruelty and force come into play.

    A man who rapes his wife is 1000 times more morally evil than a gay man who has sex with his consenting partner.

  2. Bless you Dr. Ssempa. In our country (the USA), the Honorable Senator John McCain is leading a fight similar to yours. Homosexual activists are trying to mandate open homosexuality in the armed forces (yes, unbelievable!). We pray for your success as we support Senator McCain in his courageous battle.

  3. You will work against Homophobia and you call me on the same day indirectly a gangster?

    Regards from europe.

  4. Charlie,

    I would like to suggest that you listen to your own advice before you dish it out others, but I would not prescribe such poison to anyone. Dr Ssempa has said “unnatural acts whether homo or hetero are still unnatural and must be equally treated as deviant”,.

    How come you think he supports one evil over another? Why have you failed to see your hate, phobia mongering and rather perverted thinking, when you use heterosexual porn as a legitimate reason to debunk Dr Ssempa's advocacy for the protection of the male child in Uganda. Also “You would rather gay sex over rape,”? What kind of myopia is this, when the opportunistic person you are, tries to reason at this point in time with, and for the above categories which are irrelevant in present and future progress of the people in Uganda. Your confused mind set is an outrage. How could one posses such blindness but audaciously speak in hast? Come now, listen to the Ugandan people, smell the roses, we are calling for something different and of far greater far worth. It appears that you do not know the issues in Uganda. Seek to listen and know the issues well. Then make informed and educated decisions. Do not allow yourself to be lost in media tizzies. Decide whether you are going to support the protection of the Ugandan male child or support pedophiles.

  5. Now, the whole debate is cheapened by guys like Charlie who can not judge between a quarrel and a constructive argument. Just yesterday at 10:45pm, UBC screened some nude pics of homos doing their thing in Cardiff England. Being hosted was Bishop Ssenyonjo, would we say UBC had turned into a hate campaign??? Talking about gay porn is actually driving the whole debate and argument to a different direction. I will never part of the likes of Charlie who clamour for nothing. Let's go for a mature urgument.