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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Lancet: HIV rates among homosexuals are 10 times higher than among the general male population.

The Lancet: HIV rates among homosexuals are 10 times higher than among the general male population. (This is the genocide)

Anyone who cares about stopping HIV/AIDS in Africa-especially Uganda, must stop and examine the statistical finding of these absolutely suicidal rates of HIV/AIDS in male homosexuals across Africa. Oxford University researchers indicate that for every one normal African man who has HIV/AIDS, there are ten homosexuals with HIV/AIDS all things being equal!

It really means that we need a state of emergency response to avert this self inflicted genocide by coitus. Will someone have the scientific courage to announce the obvious? Homosexual activity puts you at a 100 per cent greater risk of getting HIV/AIDS!

What is it that makes sodomy such an effective means of disease transfer? Are the answers rooted in the inherent weakness of the anal lining to offer effective detterent of disease transfer? In her acticle "anyone can get it" Janice Shaw wrote;

‘Just as 80 percent of lung cancers are related to using tobacco, the vast majority of HIV/AIDS victims are homosexual men. It is their behavior –– anal intercourse ..that puts them at risk. To be blunt, the rectal lining, unlike the vaginal lining, is a relatively porous barrier that is only one cell thick (the lower intestine is designed to absorb fluids — that is the very essence of its function); thus, it is quite easy for the HIV virus to transit through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and target cells. Some experts estimate that it only takes about 10 minutes for the virus to break through the barriers to infect the victim.
In regards to women’s vulnerability to HIV, to be blunt again, the HIV virus can burrow through natural barriers, enter the blood stream, gain access to deeper tissues and reproduce much more easily in the rectum than in the vagina. Thus, women are better protected against the virus. The healthy vagina, however, has a strong lining that is infection resistant, and under normal circumstances, its tremendous elasticity minimizes the risk of tears and abrasions so that the HIV virus, barring a weakening of the system, has great difficulty breeching its natural barriers. Thus, according to Dr. Grossman, some researchers contend that vaginal transmission is very rare."

Lets all blame someone else!

Typical of the usual refusal to give comprehensive knowledge to the homosexuals why their sexual activities-including barebacking, inability of condoms to give adequate protection, alcohol and drug abuse, put them at greater risk for the deadly diseases, the Oxford University researchers shift the blame to someone else “the rates are driven by the cultural, religious and political unwillingness to accept ‘sodomy practitioners’ as equal members of society”! Ha ha ha! This is philosophically untenable in similar public health occurences. We would have to blame society’s rejection of smoking as the cause to why smokers are 80 times more likely to have lung cancer than non smokers! We would blame society for cultural, religious and political unwillingness to accept drug abuse, which has driven it underground causing the related self destructive negative outcomes. It is this campaign of keeping comprehensive knowledge on sodomy and its attendant negative outcomes that is driving the genocide.

From my experience in HIV/AIDS in Uganda:
Having been at the frontline of the worlds most succesful global HIV/AIDS effort, from 86-90 we worked to give people the power to make personal choices for their survival. We were blunt, we told them that HIV/AIDS is spread primarily through promiscuity. We launched a national campaign which targetted real behaviour change! Abstain and be Faithul in marriage! And for those foolish enough to have sex outside marriage, they were told not to be so foolish as not to use a condom at it would substantially “reduce” their risk, but not take it away completely. The condom was never pushed as the magic bullet, rather it was abstinence and mutual faithfulness! We were able to break the back of the epidemic.

Are married heterosexuals more likely to have HIV/AIDS than homosexuals?

Today sadly, our programs have been hijacked by western bureacrats and get rich quick politicians at the Uganda AIDS commission. Now they have billboards saying “Married people are more like to have HIV!” Sure? Where is the evidence? And Compared to who? To prostitutes or homosexuals? Shock, this new information we actually should have a billboard that says the truth “Homosexuals are 10 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS- Stay safe, abstain from Sodomy” I am sure that is why Bahati and Uganda’s parliament are on the verge of making the anti-homosexuality bill 2009.


  1. With all due respect, Dr.Ssempa, that research into MSMs was to highlight the need to direct national HIV preventive and management policies to include the MSM community. As a result of the presence of bisexuals as a link between the two sexual networks. Now there're two ways to go about it, the same old way, despite the punitive societal and legislative mechanisms to incarcerate the gay community, they still exist, or treat them and indirectly prevent cross transmission as an additional entry point into the already loose and open heterosexual sexual network. It is in my self as a doctor for option two, cause I know what works and what doesn't and hopefully my children won't have to know of HIV in a present tense, but as a past tense. Let's save all our citizens first and then launch into recriminations later.
    To put things in perspective in absolute numbers,heterosexual transmission is by far, and by a wide margin route numero uno. The efficiency of transmission across the rectal mucosal barrier is very high, and rates of infection in MSMs are higher than their male heterosexual counterparts, but gays still make up a small percentage of the population.
    Another point, of misinterpretation is that Married people are more like to have HIV!. What the health policy experts have said, is that the highest incidence of new infections has been seen in the married couples. This is a statistic that does not pre-suppose an association between the two,i.e marriage and infection, all it says is simple observation of data collected.If you would want a definitive answer to that there statistical inference mechanisms available to test for probabilities of association between these two variables.
    Research is ONLY as good as the interpretation and lessons learnt from it.

  2. Dear Ice Arc,

    The legitimation of a harzadous lifestyle does not solve the clear and present danger it pauses in public health. Homosexuality is not an innate condition, rather a set of sexual prefferences by those who practice it. FGM was also preffered by the people of Sebei. But due to its inherent negative outcomes it has just been banned as of the last month. Most HIV/AIDS programmes have failed because they dont believe that people (homosexuals) can actually change their lifestyles. The statistics speak far too loud about the danger of participating in homosexuality.

    Secondly, saying married people are more likey to have HIV/AIDS must be followed by a comparative group. If you want to measure the statistical significance of this statement, it only makes sense compared to a another group of the same demographic characters ie unmarried, widowed or co-habiting. The better news to tell is the fact that according to the 2004 Sero Survey, 94 per cent of all the married people were HIV free! Married people had less HIV/AIDS than singles or widows in their same age group. I challenge you to bring out any study that is more comprehensive than this nation wide sero survey! Otherwise I suggest you go back and check your fact!

  3. Dear Ice arc,

    It is a few day since I wrote to you asking you to give me citation of your study which you indicated that married people had more HIV/AIDS than ..? You gave me an impression that you were a specialist, but have failed to respond. I want to post your response but kindly give me who made the study, where was it made and is it more reliable than the nationwide 2005 ser0 survey which showed that maried people has less HIV than widowed or the cohabiting in their age category.