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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugandans wail and weep because of the evil of Sodomy!

Okay folks here is a photo of the most recent demonstration of Africans united against Sodomy. Moslems, Christians, youth and old...they gathered and made a very special statement. Barack Obama..Sodomy IS NOT THE CHANGE WE WANT! Not only that but they wept and wailed to God on behalf of the children who are being pulled into this abominable lifestyle. For more than 5 minutes we wept as Africans do, Woowe, Woowe Woowe crying out to God to save us!

As the parliament discusses the bill, and homosexuals have recruited the services of the political leaders of the western government Barack Obama, Gordom Brown, Hilary Clinto to harrass our leaders with phone calls and blackmail threats telling our president ..not to allow the parliament to make a law protecting our children from Sodomy! Ugandans took to the streets and have come out massively to GIVE SODOMY THE RED CARD!

ABC news, Reuters, BBC, German news and so many others national and international were there! He he he..the homosexual were busy drinking at a party in Kampala knowing that Police had denied us permission for the demo in Kampala when they heard that we were now all over the news in Jinja! Ah you really cannot fight God! Western homosexuals and their local sidekicks must be frightened by this! The power of the people must scare them! But more so it is power of God.

This is not about Ssempa vs the few homosexuals in Uganda. No this is a clash of civilisations..a clash of cultures. When the entire machinery of the western civilisation which has been taken hostage by leaders whose number one foreign policy is the export of Sodomy meets the African people and its leaders who find sodomy to be an abomination, an evil which is decreed as un natural both by our God, our ancestors and our laws! The anti homosexuality bill is controversial not because it presribes the death penalty to paedophiles and rapists (as in statutory rape of minors and the handicapped), but that it criminalizes the sodomy recruitment propopaganda! Secondly it declares any treaty or declaration ie CEDAW, Yogyakarta principles to automatically be unbinding as long as they are incosistent with our position on sodomy and homosexuality. The plot of France and Netherlands at UN to force nations into Sodomy by legislative coersion will not be accepted by the African people.

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  1. You were better off worshipping idols, because the Judeo-Christian god doesn't care about your people. The white imperialists brainwashed all of you with that Bible nonsense. Before, Africans accepted homosexuality (read a REAL history book, not that fantasy garbage written by Hebrews). Stop being retarded and wake up!