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Monday, March 1, 2010

Why we need to fight HOMOPHOBIA without legitimizing Sodomy.

Fellow world changers following the freedom caravan, here is a quick update I just sent out to a group of young American homosexuals who are surprised that an African can actually blog, write and even have a PhD! Sad to say but its true cause every time a black man does something good, they want to look for a white man ie Rick Warren to credit for our work. Any way here is a brief post I just left for discussion while announcing the upcoming global conference as below. If they are concerned about truth not finding a way to hide under misrepresentations. MS PhD.

Dear Wayne and friends,

Thank you for posting my press statement on website.I would like to make sure that we fight HOMOPHOBIA all over the world by giving people comprehensive and accurate information on homosexuality. I agree we must never make any legislation based on people, rather we must legislate actions. It is actions which constitute social deviance, a social and spirtual debt and harm society.

My question is this, is there any part of the listed sexual acts which are not true? I agree with you unnatural acts whether homo or hetero are still unnatural and must be equally treated as deviant. Having worked as a case worker with people with HIV/AIDS both in the US and Africa for more than 23 years you could imagine I have a little information.

Finally we are scheduling an international conference on a post Copenhagen"Global Sexual Climate Change and its implications on population sustainability" in Kampala Uganda November 2010. We are looking for papers and scholars. Anyone interested please shoot me an email with your credentials at

We are interested why homosexuals in Africa have 10 times more HIV/AIDS than normal people? Why are nations such as European Union which have legalised homosexuality having a crisis in population sustainability? What are the implications of the global culture clash between western views of Sodomy as a human right, and the African view of Sodomy as a human vice. Does globalisation mean Sodomisation!

This and much more..coming up for Nov 2010


  1. Dr Ssempa;
    Your comments about population issues in the EU, tying them to tolerance of same-sex relationships, is unsupportable scientifically. Gays and Lesbians, according to the British Chancellor's data, make up approximately only 6.7 % of the UK population, not enough to produce the results that you cite. Further, even if there were repression against LGBT on a larger scale than present, there is no reason to believe that they would then engage in propagative heterosexual behaviours.

    I would remind you that those in the past who preached against minorities by twisting religious precepts and citing bad science ended up answering for it at Nuremberg.

    Respectfully, Sir;
    Maureen E. Hennessey, PhD

  2. Dear Maureen,

    I kindly refer you to the now iconic work of Harvad sociological proffesor the late Carle C. Zimmerman,in his book Family and Civilization.
    "The extinction of faith in the familistic system in Europe in the last two generations is identical with the movements in Greece during the century following the Peloponnesian wars and in Rome about 150 AD to 250 AD.

    In each case the change in the faith and belief family systems was associated with rapid adoption of negative reproductive rates, increased acceptance of perverted forms of sexual behavior, and with enormous crises in the very civilizations themselves.” Harvard Sociologist, Carle Clark. Zimmerman, Family and Civilization 1947/2009

    Your post on minorities is well intended but philosophically incongruent. You cannot equate sexual styles and prefferences to someones race which is immutable. In the rainbow of LGBT, you could be Gay now, bi later and Trans tommoroww. I am a black African, I cant change that. A Jew is a Jew and cant change that. Bully threats of legal prosecution were leveled against reformer Martin Luther at Wurtenburg but he stood his ground. That is why we have the reformation, the renaissance, the protestant ethic, the industrial revolution and the escape from the dark ages. Thanks for the comment.
    Martin Ssempa PhD

  3. Since you've brought up the issue of the PhD, exactly what institution bestowed this degree and in what area?

  4. You cannot equate sexual styles and prefferences to someones race which is immutable.

    Yes we can. And his name is Sammy Sosa.

  5. Dear Dr. Ssempa,

    I am very glad to hear you acquired a fast Internet connection. I can see the negative consequences of being on the slow side of the digital divide in this country (the U.S.A.) and rejoyce whenever I hear that another part of the world has a better connection to this medium.

    I have a few questions about your comments above and I wonder if you could take the time to reply. My thank to you in advance.

    1. You seem to imply that sexual orientation is a preference, contrary to most professional sources readily available to me. Pardon my asking, since this is a personal matter, but the confidence you display seems to indicate that your own presumed heterosexuality is just a preference, as well. Most people I know don't doubt their heterosexuality, which makes it easy for them to accept that homosexuality would be similarly not a preference. If not personal experience, what makes you think that sexual orientation is mutable in most if not all cases?

    2. Oddly, after stating that sexual orientation should not be compared to race because it is a personal preference, you go on extending your comparison to Martin Luther, the great reformer of the church. I may be going out on a limb here, but it seems to me that religion, of all things, is not determined by birth and is completely and exclusively a personal preference. That is, I thought, the reason we consider freedom of religious expression such a vital part of civilized society.

  6. May I remind you that PROFESSOR is with one f and two s-es and that PREFERENCES is with one F.
    Somebody with a Phd is supposed to have read and written a lot and expected not to make such terrible spelling mistakes for such common words...
    Poor Marin Ssempa....

  7. We are interested why homosexuals in Africa have 10 times more HIV/AIDS than normal people?

    1. You don't really care would be the number 1 reason why the HIV/AIDs rate is higher. You say you've been on the front lines for 20 years? That means nothing without compassion. Your lack of compassion shows by the reference to "normal people". HIV/AIDS is a human disease not a "homosexual" one. The HIV/AIDS rates in Africa are the highest in the world. Period.

    2. Corrective rape of the African LGBT community and anyone thought to be part of it.

    3. Lack of sexual education

    4. Access to education but conviction that HIV/AIDS is a disease transmitted by "homosexuals" to "homosexuals" only

    5. Conviction that HIV/AIDS is "curable" by intercourse with virgins (of any sexual orientation and gender), individuals with Albinism and other non-scientific methods of "cure".

    6. Lack of knowledge that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted via oral sex. See lack of comprehensive sexual education.

    7. Oppressive environment leading to some promiscuous and clandestine behaviour as open relationships do lead to bodily harm, rape and/or death with or without any laws enacted. Behaviour is similar to teenage sexual activity between teens. Anything thought to result in punishment is hidden.

    8. Limited access to medical care.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for pointing out my spelling mistake in the word professor. You have sharp eyes and I retain you as my editorial advisor. Please feel free to advise how better we can make this blog as well. I also remind you that you spelt my name Martin wrong as Marin! Only goes to say, two eyes are better than one. And in my argument, two sexes or genders are better than one!

  9. Dear Jo Legall,

    You are interested in discussing why homos have more HIV/AIDS. First you wrongly assume that I dont have compassion. I doubt you would say the same after you visit my church and my home and see first hand how many homosexuals are behing helped come out of homosexuality. I have ushers, worship leaders, conselors and advisors who were former homosexuals and lesbians. As of now in our home we are taking care of homosexuals who want to help and change.

    Compassion is not a soft gushy feeling that makes you betray the your convictions and truth, rather it is what makes you enter into the world of the wounded who need help like the good samaritan who helped the man on Jericho road. Get used to the compassion that seeks to help homosexuals but does not succumb to the guilt and manipulation typical of many in addictive lifestyles such as drug and alcohol abuse.

    Why is there so much HIV/AIDS among homosexuals? I find your answers to be simplistic and more of your typical hand outs from the homosexual propaganda that is built blackmail society.

    Rape of lesbians is a smaller problem than the rape of virgisn. But we are talking about male homosexual activity. I think you missed out here.

    Access to treatment does not decrease HIV/AIDS, actually we have seen the opposite in Uganda. People who get on ARVs think that they are healed and because the root of the their problem was never solved, they go on infecting many new partners!

    Oppressive environments leading to more HIV/AIDS actually does not work as in the case of South Africa. Homosexuality was made legal, but since then it has consistently had the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world!

    Finally I see you confuse AIDS care with AIDS prevention, a mistake many people make. In prevention, we are dealing with behaviours but in care we are dealing with access to health cars services. Is there any study which indicates that access to ARVS in Africa has reduced HIV/AIDS? The troubling answer is NO.

    Thank you for your comment.

  10. The two top causes of HIV/AIDs are:

    1. Not knowing your HIV status
    2. Not knowing the HIV status of your partner

    Anything else (condoms or abstinence) are just preventive maintenance.

    It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has nothing to do with gender. It has nothing to do with age. It has nothing to do with religious belief.

    The #1 reason WHY HIV/AIDS is so high in Africa is that no one knows their HIV status or the HIV status of their partner. This is why I said, and still say, you have no compassion. If you did you would not be trying to "cure" but to inform. There currently is NO CURE. There is only prevention.

    The only way to prevent HIV/AIDS is to test EVERYONE. Every race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, married, single, young, old etc, so they know their HIV status. There a plenty of countries ready to invest in Africa to help aid the fight against HIV/AIDS.

    Are you also helping the heterosexuals with HIV/AIDs out of their heterosexuality since you are implying that sexual orientation or sexual acts are the cause? People are the cause not anal sex. People who don't get tested. People who are in such a hurry for sexual gratification that they do not ask important questions and/or use protection. People who do not accept sexual responsibility.

    If one partner does not know they are HIV positive, regardless of orientation, does that make them responsible? Yes. Does it leave the HIV negative partner without liability? No. Both are responsible. What you are doing is absolving one group of their responsibility.

    The majority of heterosexuals who have HIV/AIDS didn't get that way via anal sex, Mr. Ssempa, and I would find myself beyond irate if you decided to remove the missionary position from the acceptable sexual acts list.

    No matter what country you are in around the world. The reason why HIV/AIDS is high stems from not knowing the HIV status of your partner. Period.

    The reason it is high in some areas than others comes from lack of knowledge ABOUT HIV/AIDS. The number one thing is that there is NO CURE. Number two would be that HIV/AIDS DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. The lack of access to the knowledge that there is NO CURE and anyone can get HIV/AIDS, this lack which you have confirmed with the statement that those on AVRs believe they have been miraculously healed, is what helps accelerate the epidemic. How many have come through your church and left with the idea that now they have been hypothetically "cured" of homosexuality they are no longer HIV positive? Or those HIV positive heterosexuals sitting in your pews who believe that they have no reason to be tested because they are neither homosexual or performed anal sex? Have you thought of that?

    You can continue to blame homosexuals/gays for their HIV/AIDS rates being so high. You can continue to use HIV/AIDS as an excuse to attempt to "cure" homosexuals of their sexual orientation. You are responsible for the failure in getting just two simple facts out in order to dispel the superstition and myths I stated in my previous post. By using that word "cure" you are the one spreading the idea that the cure for HIV/AIDS is no homosexuality. Banning/killing those with homosexuality WILL NEVER CURE HIV/AIDS.

    If you wish to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS all you simply have to do is test everyone, let them know their status and that there is NO CURE. There is medication to prolong and enhance the quality of life but no cure or removal of the virus from the body. Until that day comes, there is nothing you can do but educate about HIV/AIDS prevention.